10 things to know about Google Stadia

Haya Abidi

Haya Abidi

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service that was developed and used by Google. It can stream games at 4K resolution and a frame rate of 60 Hertz. For using it, you need to have a very high-speed internet. You can access it from google chrome on your private device. Google Stadia will offer 1-5 free games a month that a user can have access to, while they have a subscription for its Pro version with or without gaps. By buying the Pro version the user can play online multiplayer games without having to pay any additional cost.

10 things that you should know about Google Stadia

1.It has social functions

It has a feature known as State share which will help your record your gameplay while playing a game for a few seconds only. You will also be able to make a link of it, and send it to your friends. You will be also able to share a link which will help you play with your friends at the same time as yours. Crowd play is a new and very interesting feature, you can now play with your favorite YouTube broadcaster by using this app.

2. Split Screen

This one of the best features that Google has added to Stadia. Now you can handle multiple tabs via split screen while playing a game, without even leaving it. But you will require a very high-speed internet for this, as a slow internet might cause lag which won’t be a good experience for any gamer. As because it has been used for the first time in Stadia it might have some issues, but it’s just the beginning, these kinds of problems will be solved in the long run.

3. Stadia will now support YouTube

It’s not a huge feature but, one to mention for sure. You will now be able to have access to YouTube on Google Stadia. It would be a very good feature to have. They have introduced a new UI in which, users will be able to play a game by simply clicking on it once.

4. Users will get 2 games free each month

Well, here free does not mean “free” exactly, because you will have to pay a 10-dollar subscription for enabling this feature. Once you have subscribed to this subscription, then only you will be eligible for getting 2 games free each month, until the end of your subscription. But this won’t be a big ask for you as if you can spend dollars on Netflix, then it’s fine to spend on Stadia for getting games for free. The list of games that you shall get for free are Destiny 2, Metro Exodus, Farming Simulator 19, GYLT and Thumper. Even though you will have very few options to choose from, but the games that will be provided are good enough for any kind of gamer.

5.It will work smoothly on cheap coffee shop wifi as well

When you purchase Google Stadia, it will contain a system known as the Chromecast Ultra, which is one of the best streaming utility and certainly will help the user to cut out the lags and boost frame rates when you are gaming. The system used is so not well managed that even if you have a high-speed internet, then also you might have to experience lags while gaming. so not well managed that even if you have a high-speed internet, then also you might have to experience lags while gaming. so not well managed that even if you have a high-speed internet, then also you might have to experience lags while gaming.

6.Specific set of professionals for Stadia

Google has hired a specific set of professionals for handling and developing Stadia, people with specific skill sets are only selected for this team. This shows that Google is serious in making Stadia a thing. They have hired Phil Harrison for this job who has very vast experience in developing video games like Halo and Gears of War.

7.They have a game of their own

Stadia have developed a game of their own, which is named GYLT. Stadia’s game library is a flop, but one biggest flop is the game that they created themselves, GYLT. It is one of those games which is developed by Stadia so you are bound to play. Otherwise, there’s not much to the game. It is a bit boring and also lacks the ingredients that make games like this worth playing. But if you want to just pass your time, then it would be a good option.

8. A Free version is coming

Free exactly does not mean “free” here. You can have only the membership of Stadia for free. You need to know that, in addition to the 129 dollars that you have to pay for the console, you will also have to pay 10 dollars each month until the end of your subscription to continue to play your stadia.

9. Lucky Google Pixel Owners

If you use Google Pixel, then you have an advantage over other phone users. Google Pixel supports Stadia like no other device. You can even play high end games like Red Dead Redemption 2 at 1080p without any lag. Google has promised to extend this advantage to other devices later this year as well.

10. New games to be introduced in 2020

Unlike other gaming companies, Google does not brag about its releasing games. They introduce their games in the market in a very secretive way. But this time, they have announced that they will be releasing 120 games on Stadia in 2020, 10 being very exclusive games. 

So, these were the things that you should know about Google Stadia if, you are thinking to use it. If you are a Google Pixel user then you should go for it without thinking much, except for the expenses for its subscription.

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