Visitor Management System: What are they? Why would you need one?

Haya Abidi

Haya Abidi

With the World Health Organization(WHO) confirming the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak from an epidemic to a pandemic, millions of business organizations and companies all over the world are forced to manage their projects by remote workforces. With over one lakh cases reported every day all over the country, self-isolation is the need of the hour.

In a country like India, where offices are reopening after the lockdown period, most of them have very limited spaces. The number of employees working compared to office space is very less. Thus the employees are highly prone to the chance of getting infected. In a situation like this, a contactless Visitor Management System is the need of the hour!

What is a Visitor Management System?

A Visitor Management System can control visitors as well as record the usage of the various facilities by specific visitors. Every organization must invest in an efficient visitor management system to ensure the safety and health of the workplace.

Why do we need a Visitor Management System?

The current outbreak of the pandemic with the number of cases rising every day has forced organizations to move to paperless operations as much as possible to ensure staff safety. Even after the lockdown is uplifted, precautions should be taken to reduce further spread of the virus. A computerized protocol ensures that a minimum number of employees are required to be present physically in the office hence reducing the risk of the spread.

The primary motive of every organization after the lockdown should be to identify and take proper actions if an infected person enters the office workspace. A Visitor Management System helps to screen visitors with digitalized questionnaires about their health conditions as well as will ensure that there is no unnecessary crowd within the workspace. It allows organizations to design custom forms and questionnaires for visitors on tablets at the reception area or by emails even before visitors enter the premises.

Visitor Management System can be also used as a device to spread awareness among people. Apart from the pandemic, we are also battling against rumors that have popped up on social media. These rumors are not verified and have no scientific facts attached to it. In this situation of crisis, it is important to aware visitors about the correct “Do’s” and “Dont’s.”

Benefits of a Visitor Management System

  1. Improve security and staff safety- Safety of the working staff and security of the workspace has become the priority of all organizations. In such a scenario a visitor management system is extremely important to maintain safe distance as well as identify visitors quickly and accurately.
  2. Saves time and money- Automating visitor registration ensures that the cost of each visitor is reduced. Visitors can register themselves on the system beforehand without waiting in long queues.
  3. Increases efficiency at the workplace- With the help of a visitor management system, one can easily track who leaves and enters the workplace. It takes advantage of all the security cameras, scanners, and software to identify visitors entering the building. Not only this, in an emergency situation, for example, fire, evacuation team can work faster and evacuate the office.
  4. Improve reputation- Visitor management system can help an organization to establish a reliable brand reputation. Everyone is scared and confused to go out keeping in mind the current situation. A strict security system will not only ensure that your workspace is safe to visit but also impress the visitors and this will impact the brand image.
  5. Flexibility- A visitor management system is very flexible and scalable. You can change the features and update your system as per the business requirement. This dynamic system helps to adapt to the growing business without going through the hassle of replacing the software.
  6. Serves as a guide to the visitors- Apart from the ongoing pandemic, we are also battling against rumors that have popped up on social media. These rumors are not verified by medical researchers and have no scientific facts attached to it. In this situation of crisis, it is extremely important to aware the visitors about the correct “Do’s” and “Dont’s.” A Visitor Management System serves as a guide and informs the visitors beforehand about the safety measures that the organization is expecting.
  7. Environment friendly- A Visitor Management system eliminates the need for pen and paper for maintaining the visitor logbook. It is environment friendly as well as saves time and money. A digital system saves the time of the reception staff to manually maintain visitor logbook.

Features of a good Visitor Management System

features of visitor management system
  1. Price– Depending on staff to manually enter the visitor logbook in pen and paper is costly. A good Visitor Management System is a long time investment that will prove beneficial and cost-effective in the long-run.
  2. Pre-registration– A good Visitor Management System much have a pre-registration feature where the visitors can register themselves before they enter the building.
  3. User-friendliness– A good Visitor Management System should be user friendly so that non-technical visitors can also use it seamlessly.
  4. Flexibility– A good Visitor Management System should be flexible so that it can be modified and customized according to the requirement of the business.
  5. Security– A good Visitor Management System does not only help to identify who enters and leaves the building but also adds the unauthorized or unwanted visitor to a watchlist. Whenever unauthorized visitors want to enter the building, it will deny their access and send an alert notification to the authority in charge.

Visitor Management Systems will play an essential role after the lockdown. It eliminates the requirement of the pen, paper, and computer ink thus saving company funds as well as reducing environmental wastes. Creating a healthy workspace environment where the employees feel safe is of the utmost importance. It authorizes safety and security within the organization and controls who enters the office premises and to take preventative actions that would minimize the risk of the spread.

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